New Tech Tools for Dermatologists Hold Promise

Dermatologists have a variety of new tools to help them be better doctors. Systems with mole detection are just one example. Another tech development that deserves consideration is Dermascopy, since there is general consensus that a dermascope can improve the quality … Read More

Bundled Payments and the Changing Healthcare Landscape

There’s been a lot of buzz in the industry around bundled payments since it has potential to transform the current healthcare system through payment reform. So what is payment bundling? Also known as episode-based payment, payment bundling is the reimbursement … Read More

Reinventing Your Practice Amidst the ACA Pinch

Are you feeling the pinch now that the federally funded Medicaid primary pay bump has expired? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many primary care doctors in Colorado who see Medicaid patients this year will get a fee cut averaging … Read More

How to Measure the Optimal Physician to Staff Ratio

If you wonder whether you employ too many or too few clinical staff in your medical practice, you’re not alone.  Many physicians share this concern and don’t know how to assess what the right number is for their practice.  Fortunately, there are … Read More

What is your mobile health technology strategy?

Changes are happening in every area of healthcare, including mobile technology and devices.  Tom Barnett, VP of Health Information Technology at NorthShore University HealthSystem, speaks of the need for a 'structured approach' in his article on the HIMSS (Healthcare Information and … Read More

Study Warns of Inefficient Security in Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT is undergoing a revolution. Electronic Health Records, ICD-10, Meaningful Use incentives and the list goes on. However, patients and providers alike are expressing concerns about security. A new study shows those concerns are warranted. The study revealed that … Read More

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