Efficient Medical Data Reporting for Meaningful Use

The most important aspect of Meaningful Use is accurate data; therefore medical practice administrators must have efficient reporting processes established when it is time to submit for Meaningful Use. The end of the 2nd reporting quarter, for those who are in their … Read More

Practice Management: Starting your own practice

Physicians go into the medical field to practice medicine.  Medical school does not cover topics like hiring staff, finding a good office location, getting referrals or setting up billing systems.  Most doctors would probably admit that they never even wanted … Read More

Accountable Care Doesn’t Need an Organization

With the January 1, 2012 implementation deadline for ACOs approaching quickly, many practice groups hustle to be ready, some believe they are, and some don’t know where to begin. For many small medical practices, planning for an ACO falls on … Read More

Hiring and Motivating a World-Class Staff—Part II

In this next blog, I’d like to bring you back to VP Michael Kuehn’s presentation, Hiring and Motivating a World-Class Staff. In part one, How to Hire: Know the Job, we brought you the first portion of Michael’s recent presentation … Read More

5 Things Doctor Practices Should Demand From Their EMR

As you’re searching for the perfect electronic medical record (EMR) to fulfill either your office’s needs or simply trying to achieve meaningful use standards, you have many aspects of your business and the potential EMR to consider. You can use … Read More

3 Questions Doctors Should Ask: Implementing an EMR

Continued/Part III: Question #3: Am I facilitating my practice with the new technology or does it force me to restructure my time-tested operations to fit it? Answering this question requires that you have already answered other; this transformation will be … Read More

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