Choosing a Medical Biller: Things to Consider

Choosing a medical biller is one of the most important decisions you can make for your medical practice or hospital. How quickly claims are processed and how much money is collected on each claim can dramatically affect not only your … Read More

Is Your Practice ICD-10 Ready?

In less than a month, ICD-10 goes into effect. Is your practice ready for ICD-10? If not, Clinic Service is still available to assist you. Darla McClung, Clinic Service’s resident ICD-10 expert, shares what we’ve done to get ready for … Read More

ICD-10 Update

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives proposed the implementation of a ICD-10 “grace period” to help physicians and healthcare providers transition from ICD-9 into ICD-10.  Within the proposed two-year window under H.R. 2652, healthcare providers’ coding errors would not … Read More

How to Reduce Denied Claims

What does your practice’s denial rate look like? If it is higher than 4 percent, you need to take action. By implementing these simple steps, you can help to avoid billing mistakes and denied claims. Verify Insurance Not verifying insurance … Read More

When is it Time to Go to Collections?

When outstanding patient balances grow out of control, your practice may feel there’s no option but to place them in the hands of a collection agency. However, turning an account over to collections should only be used as a last … Read More

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