Medical Billing Services for Hospital-Owned Physician Practices

At Clinic Service, we provide medical billing services for hospital-owned physician practices. We are proud of our 97.6% client satisfaction rating, which is a direct result of more than four decades worth of experience, as well as our focus on understanding how to meaningfully improve the financial operations of our customers. We work in close communication with the staff of each client, and integrate ourselves into the daily operation of their practice. We’re not satisfied until you are!

Our Medical Billing Process

To ensure a smooth transition, we work with everyone involved in the medical billing decision-making process and implementation. Typically, this includes CFOs, Director of Physician Operations, controllers, doctors, and medical staff.

In the initial stages of converting a medical billing system, we will work closely with the doctors to identify workflow, make sure that proper coding is being used, and check to see that data is being transmitted properly.

We will also collaborate with the hospital’s financial team to produce the types of reports they need. This includes the amount of production, what claims are being paid, what claims are being denied, what services are being provided as a courtesy, what percentage of each claim is being collected, etc.

At every stage of the medical billing conversion process, we provide extraordinary customer service and training to ensure that everyone is on board, moving in the same direction.

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