Medical Billings Services ROI

Using a top medical billing services company can provide you with an instant, sizable ROI (return on investment).

Most physicians, clinics, and groups that perform medical billing in-house collect an average of 87%-90% of their medical billings. To be able to do this, they incur the costs of personnel, software, and hardware, which can costs tens thousands of dollars per year, at a minimum.

The small percentage we charge for on the medical billings we collect pays for itself immediately.

Add to that the fact that we process medical billing claims in an average of 30 days, and the positive cash flow (and resulting savings in interest that would have been paid on a loan) adds more cash to the year-end bottom line.

What would your specific ROI be if you used Clinic Service as your medical billings company? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to run the numbers for you.

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Please note: Our medical billing services company is located in Denver, Colorado, and we work with physicians all across the U.S.