Why Select Clinic Service?

3 Reasons.

The decision to outsource medical billing can be difficult. When everyone is making the same claim to “be the best,” how do you decide? Clinic Service takes both a scientific and “No B.S.” approach to practice management. We’ll provide you with the facts, back them up with more than a 40-year track record, and be available to assist you with additional information as you make your decision. We also encourage you to talk to our clients.

The Way We Do Business

Billing is a science, but people and individual practices are not. That’s why we focus on providing intimate, personalized customer care for every client.

Our Results

They speak for themselves. With Clinic Service, you will see a decrease in denial rates and increased revenue – A 30% increase in revenue is typical!

Our Promise to You

We promise we will increase and maximize the profitability of your practice. If we can’t, we won’t take you on as a client. It’s that simple.

Our only goal is to provide you with intimate, personalized service while maximizing the profitability of your practice.


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