5 Ways to Retain Quality Employees in Your Private Medical Practice

One of the challenges to physicians in private medical practice is attracting and retaining quality employees.  An independent practice may be in competition with a large healthcare system for candidates, and at face value, the large system may appear to have more benefits with which to entice potential employees.

The good news is many people prefer to work in a small to mid-size office because they prefer an environment that is more personal and friendly, and work is more rewarding. Here are a few areas you can focus on to engage and keep your best employees.

  1. Interesting work. Everyone wants work that is meaningful. Employees are more invested at your medical practice when they understand what the practice is seeking to accomplish and what their role is in meeting those goals. Being assigned relevant, satisfying work keeps employees energized and engaged.
  2. Training and Development. Employees who understand their job are better able to perform their job tasks, they also feel more capable and competent.  Employees want the opportunity to give and received feedback, to learn and to grow professionally.
  3. Participation. Employees want to be heard, especially when decisions impact them.  Involving employees in decision-making, is practical and offers dividends. Not only do those closest to the problem typically have the best ideas for solutions, but involving them in decision-making will increase their commitment and improve the success of implementing changes at your practice.
  4. Autonomy. Few employees want their every action to be closely monitored, scrutinized or critiqued. Most employees appreciate having the flexibility to organize and execute their jobs as they choose. Giving employees some latitude increases the chance that they will perform as desired, as well as bringing additional positive energy to their jobs.
  5. Appreciation. Everyone appreciates getting credit when it is due. In a private medical practice, there is greater opportunity for office managers to know their employees, which provides more opportunity for recognition. Being thanked for specific accomplishments or milestones increases employee investment and commitment.

Clinic Service was recently selected as a 2011 Best Places to Work by the Denver Business Journal due to our high standards and company values. Although we are known for helping private practices increase profitability, we also work with physicians on the operational and human capital aspects of their business. If we can help or just be a sounding board, contact us and let’s talk.

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