7 Steps to Being a Better Medical Officer Manager

Step 1:  Don’t manage solely from your desk.  Step away from your office frequently to ensure that your staff and clinic are functioning and executing flawlessly.  This will allow you to observe and interact daily with your staff.

Step 2:  Promptly answer phone calls, e-mails, and return left messages.  This is just common courtesy and staff shouldn’t need to be reminded.

Step 3:  Meet with representatives, listen, and thoroughly review their proposal for your clinic with your physician(s).  This is one of the most important aspects of being an office manager. If you don’t review the opportunities that are brought to you, then you really are doing your office a disservice.  Too many lost opportunities are overlooked that can benefit patient care and your practice.

Step 4:  Enforce “no gossip policies” and avoid adding to or stirring up gossip up in the office.

Step 5:  Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.  An office manager should know how to perform every job in the office with some degree of efficiency and expertise.

Step 6:  Take some time to market your practice.  There are numerous networking opportunities for office managers to pursue.  This can range from regional clubs to associations spanning multiple specialties.  Networking allows you to market your physician(s), services, and practice to others.

Step 7:  Set a good example.  By doing so your staff will follow.  You should demonstrate respect, hard work, gratitude, kindness, professional dress, proper work ethic, timeliness, and avoid unscheduled absences.

Reference:  http://www.physicianspractice.com/seven-steps-being-better-medical-office-manager