Anesthesiology Billing

One of the miracles of modern medicine is anesthesia, which allows for major surgical procedures. Anesthesiologists are certainly not going anywhere, as the large Baby Boomer generation in the US ages and often requires more invasive medical care. The field is expected to keep growing at a modest rate — however, due to changes in insurance and the demand for  hospitals to cut costs, the relative pay for an anesthesiologist may decrease over the next few years. Still, anesthesiology is one of the best-paid medical jobs with an average salary of over $350,000.

Whether salaries decrease or not, revenue cycle management is crucial to maintaining a healthy business. Anesthesiology billing is a complex subject, with hundreds of unique anesthesiology billing codes to remember and use correctly.

Balancing physician duties with the desk work required in doing in-house medical billing and coding can sap both the time and energy of busy anesthesiologists. You might find yourself spending more time studying anesthesiology billing codes than seeing patients — and even then, you might be leaving money on the table when you use the wrong codes.

Give yourself more time to do what you do best. Find a medical biller and coder who understands anesthesiology billing inside and out. Clinic Service has a ton of experience working with anesthesiologists, so we know how to maximize your revenue and free up your time to focus on your patients.

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