How to Avoid Medical Billing Errors

Medical billing errors can potentially cost doctors, clinics, physician groups, and hospitals tens of thousands of dollars or more in lost revenues per year.

Overbilling can cost even more! The Federal False Claims Act (also called the “Lincoln Law”) instituted by the government to prevent Medicare fraud, allows for penalties as high as $11,000 per claim, plus three times the amount of the claim and legal fees.

At Clinic Service, we employ the following best practices to eliminate medical billing errors:

Verify Each Medical Billing Claim

We verify each claim by double-checking it and then we check it again. Issues are fixed before the claims are submitted to the clearinghouse. This triple-verification process helps lead to our 99.7% average adjusted collection rate. It is one of the best in the industry!

Use The Correct Medical Billing Coding

Thanks to more than 40 hours of training each year, our medical billing specialists are up-to-date on the latest medical billing coding for all types of medical practices and specialties. Correctly coding medical billing claims helps lead to our speedy claims processing. Additionally, with the implementation of ICD-10, coding to the highest degree of specificity is essential.

Understand Each Specialty

Whether you’re a neurologist or anesthesiologist, dermatologist, we understand the special coding that applies to your specialty. Twenty percent of our medical billers are certified coders, each of whom receives at least 40 hours of continuing ed per year, which is funded by Clinic Service.

Monitor Changes In Healthcare And Legal Regulations

We monitor changes in healthcare laws and regulation, Medicare, and HIPAA to ensure that our medical billing practices are in compliance with the latest changes.

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