(Bad) Luck of the Irish? Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With ICD-10

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You don’t have to bleed green to enjoy the fun festivitiesCelebrate St. Patrick's Day with ICD-10 that take place on St. Patrick’s Day. Take a look at this list of ICD-10 codes that are perfect for the shenanigans that occur on March 17.


T65.6X1 – Toxic effects of paints and dyes, not elsewhere classified, accidental

Green beer is a staple on St. Patrick’s Day. But if the copious amounts of green food coloring you consumed doesn’t agree with you, it could cut your festivities short. Perhaps stick to Irish coffee instead.

S92.5 – Fracture of lesser toe

Standing a bit too close to the marching band at the St. Patrick’s Day parade can be hazardous to your toes, especially when the band’s tuba player can’t see where he is going.

T28.0XXA – Burn of mouth and pharynx, initial encounter

Corned beef and cabbage is a must for dinner on St. Paddy’s Day… except if it’s piping hot! Nibble on some Irish soda bread while you’re waiting for your meal to cool off.

Y93.49 – Activity, other involving dancing and other rhythmic movements

It turns out you do not have the grace of Michael Flatley.

W22.02 – Walked into lamppost

The long walk home can be tricky after a full day of imbibing with friends. Next time, opt for an Uber. 


And let’s not forget a very important ICD-10 code for the day after St. Paddy’s Day:

F10.129 – Hangover

A long day of partying and too many pints with likely leave you feeling green on March 18. Thinking about going for the “hair of the dog” approach? You’re better off getting plenty of rest and rehydrating with copious amounts of water.

Now go adorn yourself in plenty of green and may the luck of the Irish be with you!


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