Case Study – New Single Physician Practice

Type of Practice

New Medical Practice—Single physician practice that opened for business in 2010.

The Challenge

A successful dermatologist approached Clinic Service to manage the billing processes for the new practice she was planning to open. She had already selected her EMR, but wanted a billing expert to oversee the revenue cycle from day one. Days before the practice was to open, the physician changed directions and decided to have the EMR company handle the entire billing process as well. Five months later, the EMR was implemented and was working well (for what it was designed to do). The physician was seeing more than 25 patients per day–but the practice was not making any money. The Days in Accounts Receivable (DAR) was racing past 90 days.

The Response

Clinic Service took over the billing function immediately, and worked to integrate the CSuite Practice Management and Billing components with their successful EMR. Clinic Service was able to quickly get money flowing into the practice, as well as provide the physician with monthly reports and advice to ensure that the practice was running profitably.

The Results

  • By focusing on posting all the outstanding charges and following up on charges in process, Clinic Service was able to provide the practice with the revenue they needed to not only survive, but to become profitable and thrive.
  • By integrating the Clinic Service Practice Management and Billing System into the EMR, Clinic Service was able to maximize the efficiency of the EMR, making the entire office more productive.
  • The overall stress and anxiety levels greatly decreased.

“By allowing Clinic Service to focus on what they do extremely well, we turned our revenue stream into a river. We realized we were asking our EMR Company to do something outside of their expertise, which was no fault of theirs. We are happier, our EMR provider is happier, and our practice is financially sound.” Dr. S.L., Dermatology Medical Practice