Medical Billing Case Study – Streamlining a National Network

Company Profile

A national network of audiology clinics.

The Challenge

An audiology network approached Clinic Service about medical billing services not long after its purchase by a private investment firm. After reviewing the audiology network’s financial records, the new owners concluded they needed help modernizing their billing function. They turned to Clinic Service due to its ability to quickly scale­up to support to the network’s many clinics, and because of its track record of maximizing reimbursements.

The Response

The network opted to have Clinic Service start by working with their audiology clinics that were especially behind in getting their bills paid. “There were many, many issues with the clinics we were initially asked to support,” said Clinic Service CEO Andrew Graham. “For example, the credentialing of their audiology providers was a huge issue since you can’t bill for providers that aren’t properly credentialed. Also, sorting out the jumbled format their data was in when it arrived at our computers was another challenge we had to overcome.”

The Results

Despite all the roadblocks, the story is a happy one. By quickly putting in place a solid structure for the network clinics’ billing, Clinic Service was about to move from 30% ­ 99% claims adjudication. Cash flow from the clinics moved from being haphazard to wonderfully consistent. “We have been doing this work for four decades, so we love a challenge,” Graham said. “This audiology network gave us that. After we got their financial house in order, they opted to hire internal staff to handle their billing. While we never like to lose a client, we’re proud that we were able to set the network on a path to success.