Tips to Improve Your Practice’s Efficiency

Work smarter, not harder to keep your practice running as efficiently as possible: Delegate! Don't perform tasks that don't require an doctor. Examine your activities frequently, and get staff input about ways to do them more efficiently. Delegate as many … Read More

Tips to Maximize Your Practice’s Revenue Cycle

With declining Medicare reimbursements, the impending ICD-10 transition in October, and growing patient responsibility for payments, physicians are increasingly concerned about how they are going to get paid. Here are five tips to help you maximize your revenue cycle: New … Read More

How to Reduce Denied Claims

What does your practice’s denial rate look like? If it is higher than 4 percent, you need to take action. By implementing these simple steps, you can help to avoid billing mistakes and denied claims. Verify Insurance Not verifying insurance … Read More

Reinventing Your Practice Amidst the ACA Pinch

Are you feeling the pinch now that the federally funded Medicaid primary pay bump has expired? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many primary care doctors in Colorado who see Medicaid patients this year will get a fee cut averaging … Read More

How to Measure the Optimal Physician to Staff Ratio

If you wonder whether you employ too many or too few clinical staff in your medical practice, you’re not alone.  Many physicians share this concern and don’t know how to assess what the right number is for their practice.  Fortunately, there are … Read More

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