Choosing a Medical Biller: Things to Consider

choosing a medical biller yes noChoosing a medical biller is one of the most important decisions you can make for your medical practice or hospital.

How quickly claims are processed and how much money is collected on each claim can dramatically affect not only your cash flow, but also your net profit. Collecting just 5% more per claim can add up to tens of thousands of dollars by the end of the year; shortening collection times from 60 days (or more) to less than 30 days can mean the difference between being able to pay your bills on time or having to borrow money.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few things to think about when choosing a medical billing service:

Average Processing Rate for Medical Billing

One of the crucial factors to consider is how quickly claims will get processed. Getting a bill out while the patient still has a fresh memory of services received can go a long way to improving collection rates.

Number of Years of Experience in the Medical Billing Industry

Your practice is too valuable to entrust it to “the new guy.” Years of industry experience shows that the biller has stood the test of time, and that they have deep industry knowledge newer firms won’t. Clinic Service has more than four decades of experience!

Quality of Medical Billing Specialists

How much training is the biller giving its staff? Who exactly is going to be handling your account? How many years of experience does he/she have? A medical biller is only as strong as its weakest staffers. Don’t be afraid to ask who’s going to be managing your billing and what credentials they have.

Support and Follow-Through

Are you receiving just billing services, or are you getting more? A good medical biller is going to go above and beyond to provide support, advice, and follow-through.

When you’re choosing a medical biller, don’t hesitate to ask the tough questions and demand specifics. After all, this is one of the most important practice management decisions you’ll make.


At Clinic Service, we’re happy to share case studies, client references, and testimonials. You’ll be able to see for yourself why we’re confident that we offer one of the best medical billing services in the industry.


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