Clinic Service Celebrates 40 Years with Founder James Grow

When James Grow, founder of Clinic Service Corporation, recently returned to the office for a celebration of Clinic Service’s 40 Year Anniversary, he was a bit choked up when asked how he felt about creating such an impressive legacy.

“I must admit if there’s one word it is gratitude.”

Andrew Graham, CEO of Clinic Service (and Grow’s son-in-law), sat down to talk with James Grow about starting the business in 1974, forty years ago, in the basement of a urology office with the company’s first two employees. 

James Grow grew up in a physician’s family and has always felt a deep respect for the business. “I just love the business.  Every opportunity to serve this business—it felt was an honor,” said Grow.

When Andrew asked him what he believes has been the key to Clinic Service’s success and longevity, he said it really came down to respect.  “It is respecting the individuals who work here,” said Grow.  “Secondly it is respecting the people that we work for, the physician, who in my estimation deserves fair compensation for what they do. Thirdly, it’s respecting the industry. Clinic Service has been an ethical company that has essentially worked in the industry to promote standards of accuracy, of honest diligence for allowing the overall economic system to run with precision.”

“I felt as Medicare came in the latter 60’s it would become obvious that the private physicians were up against a very asymmetrical market. The big insurance companies were going to get bigger and government was getting into the businesses. This was going to cast a great deal of government regulation into a private market that wasn’t there before. As insurance and government continue to change, physicians need expert guidance more than ever,” said Grow. “And under your leadership it looks like it’s going to continue to do much, much better.”

When Andrew asked James what he was personally the most proud of accomplishing during the time he was leading Clinic Service he said, “I think, without a doubt, there were two things. Number one is that we transformed a primitive way of transferring claims. We refined it to the point where it really was a very fast way of turning over revenue. So the speed of claim turnaround was a great accomplishment in my mind. Secondly, it was building a staff of really caring, value-driven people that were just a pleasure to work with. I think those two things sum it up pretty well.”

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