Clinic Service Offers New Consulting Services

Productivity and Operations Assessment

The increasing number of changes in healthcare and government regulations requires medical practices to continually evolve how they manage their practice. In response to this growing need, as well as requests from physicians, Clinic Service now offers an assessment that will help practices quickly and affordably evaluate their practice to pinpoint the critical areas that need to be adjusted to improve productivity and revenue.

The Clinic Service Productivity and Operations Assessment will precisely identify the activities and processes that will help you save money, improve productivity, and find the areas your practice can make more money each month. And we don’t just tell you what is inefficient or ineffective; we recommend solutions and tell you how to fix the issues.

Learn more about the 5 areas the Productivity and Operations Assessment evaluates and measures to improve performance.

To schedule a meeting to discuss the assessment, please contact Michael Kuehn at 720-348-3444 or