Clinic Service Values

Clinic Service ValuesClinic Service is a team-based, financially sound business that exists to maximize the financial return for a community of medical providers through medical billing and physician practice management consulting. We maintain consistent hustle and high expectations. Our workplace is an inclusive, fun, results-oriented, stimulating learning environment that is true to our ever-growing capabilities. We reward performance, continuous improvement, and personal accountability. Through open and honest communication, we develop our people to responsibly apply skill and knowledgeable thought to all aspects of our strengths and specialty. We truly believe that our values are what sets us apart from the competition.

Clinic Service Rules of the Road

Be honest, open, and authentic with your communication.
Say “Thank You.”
Have fun.
Be present, do your part, and eagerly contribute.
Show respect, earn respect, and give respect. Nothing is entitled.
Help others. Volunteer your capabilities. Mentor all.
Ask for help.
Promote a positive vision of CSC.
Be part of the solution. This is a team-based environment.
Do not simply set an example. Be the Example.
Do not assume…question and constructively challenge.
Listen to and support each other and our clients as if they were your family.
Manage your emotions. Own the impact of your ideas, actions, and words.
Keep focused on the professional effort.
Encourage and recognize good work, credit and success publicly.
Think of better ways. Explore every potential to provide opportunities for transformation.
Take responsibility for your future.
Win together.

Does this sounds like the place for you? We are always seeking employees with similar values. Read more about our current job opportunities and consider submitting an application.