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We have talked a lot about EMR on this blog; from buying to selecting to using. We’ve also talked somewhat about what happens after you buy an EMR product.  A lot of companies talk about how easy their own EMR solution is easy to use. A lot of large companies like to talk about the teamwork that it takes to make an EMR work and to onboard. But one area that you haven’t heard much about in the world of EMR is customer service for physicians and office managers who have to use the product.

Physicians are very busy people and so are their office managers. However, technology changes rapidly.  And at some point, physicians and office managers will see features or issues in their EMR’s that they might want changed or added. Some small part of the workflow of adding information might just drive them crazy, and they are thinking, “if they only did it this way.”

Anyone making any kind of software or software as a service product knows that changes are bound to occur. Sometimes these changes involve simply changing a font color to see on the screen better; some might be bigger, like how the sequence of entering information occurs. If you are at a big company, the process to make changes is a long and tedious one. As a customer, you usually have to call customer support or log the change on the website. That change to the software then gets put in a queue, which is sent to a team that may or may not work on it, depending on what else is needed. Red tape gets in the way; bigger customers might get their changes in first. After it is tested and added, it might not even resemble the change that you need to be more successful in your work.

But what happens if you have a very simple change that you would like to see? Maybe it is as simple as changing the color of the font on screen for a specific form; maybe you would like a button moved. How would you ever get these changes to happen in a short amount of time? The truth of the matter is, at a large software company, you couldn’t. It would take months, and most of the time, you wouldn’t be talking to the person who has the power to make the change. You would most likely be talking to a customer service agent or sales person who sold you the software.

At Clinic Service, we do things a little differently. Yes, our C-Suite meets all the CORHIO standards and is certified, but we asked doctors, nurses and office managers before we created the product.  With us, you talk to real people who actually are making the changes happen. They aren’t worried about meeting a quota within our company, don’t value one customer over another, and know that physicians and office managers can always make our product better. And they love that.  They can make changes happen in weeks, not months or years.

Some of the things we love working on for our customers:

  • Modify templates to change the look and feel
  • Build a bridge between an existing EMR and ours, so you can use our interface
  • Move your existing records easily to our solution

Think about that the next time you are frustrated with some small part of the EMR you might be working in or testing.

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