Our Commitment to the Independent Doc

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There’s little doubt 2017 was a crazy year on the healthcare front. We witnessed multiple ACA repeal attempts, the removal of the individual mandate, and a bunch of huge healthcare mergers. From where we sit, it doesn’t look like 2018 is going to be any less eventful.

Independent practices are being bought up by big healthcare conglomerates, making it tough for the remaining independents to compete. We know how our practices feel, because we’re facing the same head winds. Independent medical billing companies, like Clinic Service, are being bought by huge national billers.

In this New Year, one thing remains clear: we aren’t going anywhere, and neither are you.

We know that the key to our success isn’t our size, but our commitment to unparalleled customer service and to being the best at what we do: getting you paid. We aren’t looking to become part of a big national biller, and unlike those big companies, we won’t send you to a 1-800 number when things go wrong.

We are fiercely committed to the independent physician. We believe in the physician’s American Dream. We believe physicians should be able to operate their own practices without drowning in a sea of accounting challenges and EMR confusion. We want you to stay independent like us; we understand that a critical component for you is having the cash you need to run your practice, when you need it.

For our clients, we’re more than just a medical biller; we’re trusted advisors on all things related to practice cash flow. We can leverage our years of deep experience working with practices to help them benchmark their practices to others, set financial goals, and achieve them.

As private equity becomes a larger part of healthcare, we believe that it is even more important for independent docs to get the support they need to stay independent. We pride ourselves on providing that support. Here’s to 2018, and here’s to the independent doc. Cheers!

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