The Complexities Of Medical Billing

Medical billing can be a complex process, because of healthcare and legal regulations, ever-changing codes, and Medicare and HIPPA compliance issues.

If you asked most physicians and practice managers what aspect of their job they dislike the most, medical billing would likely fall at the top of their list.

Yet, perhaps more than any other facet of the business, medical billing can dramatically impact not only cash flow, but also bottom-line profit.

Consider this: Most physicians who attempt to perform medical billing and collections on their own end up waiting months for payments and writing off 10-13% of their billings (netting just 87%-90%).

Compare this to Clinic Service: We process claims in an average of 22 days and collect 99.7%.

  • We achieve these rates, which are some of the best in the industry, because:
  • We have more than 38 years of medical billing services experience.
  • We’ve developed our own proprietary medical billing / EMR and EHR software, which we’ve been updating and refining for the past 16 years.
  • We triple-verify ever medical claim, submit it within 48 hours, and then personally track it.
  • We make sure ICD-9-CM codes are up to date, and we’ll seamlessly implement ICD-10 codes by the mandated transition (currently set for October 1, 2013).
  • We have a dedicated team of medical billing specialists, who each receive at least 40 hours of medical billing training per year.
  • We monitor healthcare and legal regulations on a weekly basis.

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Please note: We’re located in Denver, Colorado, and our team of medical billing specialists work with physicians, clinics, and groups throughout the United States.