Dermatology Billing

Dermatology is ranked as the 11th most in-demand medical speciality, remaining highly ranked year after year due to the aging Baby Boomer population. With that demand comes increased salaries, rising by 12.7% on average in 2016. This $13 billion industry employs about 14,000 dermatologists in the US, with much of that money coming from out-of-pocket cosmetic procedures such as lip injections and laser hair removal.

While lucrative, this industry has faced its fair share of trouble when it comes to reimbursement. As recently as 2013, CMS issued a number of reimbursement cuts to common dermatological procedures, such as complex closures on the face. However, many in the industry believe that the future of dermatology is stable and that further cuts are unlikely.

With these changes to reimbursement, it is crucial that dermatologists employ correct dermatology billing and coding procedures to get the money they deserve. Correct dermatology billing takes time and energy away from your main job — taking care of patients. You might even find yourself spending more time grappling with codes than practicing medicine. Even then, you might be leaving money on the table when you use the wrong codes.

Give yourself more time to do what you do best. Find a medical biller and coder who understands dermatology billing inside and out. Clinic Service has a ton of experience working with dermatologists, so we know how to maximize your revenue and free up your time to focus on your patients.

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