Ease of Use with Medical Billing Software

When looking at software for following the new regulations, it is important to understand if the software is compliant with new health regulations.  But for many people, understanding basic technology to make a sound decision when selecting software or outsourcing is important.  Phrases like “end user experience” “ease of use” and “SaaS” might be self-explanatory for some, but for others, those words could be in a different language.  Let’s look at what those terms mean, and how they can help you make a good decision when selecting a software solution.


People often use the terms SaaS, cloud computing and cloud services interchangeably.  But what exactly do these terms mean? In its simplest form, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) just looks like a website that users can log into much like an online email account.   It is called a service because the software is not loaded onto a user’s computer- it is only accessed from the internet.  This can make the life of technology providers at companies much, much easier.  Anytime software is downloaded and used by users on their laptop, the information from the software (word documents, power point presentations, spreadsheets, etc.) must be backed up and stored somewhere.  Software as a Service does all the storing of information and all the backing up, taking the pressure off of someone locally in the office.

Cloud computing or cloud services, is when multiple  SaaS products are utilized, creating a network that is not managed “in house” but by another company who is backing up all of the information, making sure the software people are logging into works, and providing customer service.

When selecting a SaaS product, it is important to also look at the “end user experience” and “ease of use”.  Since the entire customer support for SaaS products is off-site, looking at how easy it is to use.  What does that mean?  When looking at software for the first time, ask yourself these questions.

  • Does it clearly show or tell the user how to start using the software?
  • Is the information on the screen easy to find?
  • Is it easy to tell what actions are available? (Creating bills, new customers, etc.)

If you are struggling to even login to the software or don’t understand the first steps of getting started, it could mean that you should look at another software product or look and see what training is offered. However, any SaaS products should be simple to use without confusing users right away.  Training should involve more complex tasks of the medical billing process.

Of course, with ever changing  guidelines and regulations, be sure to also make sure that the software follows all new regulations.  If not, your practice could be facing some headaches that could have been avoided.

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