EHR Software Companies Face Challenge: New York Hospitals Merge

A major EHR (Electronic Health Records) network would be needed if the merger noted below goes through. It would include New York University’s Langone Medical Center, and Continuum Health Partners network that has both Beth Israel and the two St. Luke’s-Roosevelt campuses in its system. Think of the challenge this offers the EHR software companies.

New York Hospitals Look to Combine, Forming a Giant
Published: June 6, 2012

In a joint statement on Wednesday evening, the boards said they would explore how their partnership “could create a fully integrated health care delivery system for the benefit of the people they serve, including underserved populations.”

“Both entities expect,” it added, “that a successful partnership would achieve economies of scale that reduce health care costs while enhancing the quality of care and allowing for investment in new facilities.”

There are many pros and cons that will have to be faced regarding this particular merger as it seeks approval, especially for Practice Managers.  Those proposing the merger say that combining services will enable healthcare professionals to maintain their level of care. Advocates state this will be possible as the combining of services will lower their operating costs including medical billing and heathcare records management.  By raising the efficiency level, it will allow more time to be given to the actual healthcare provided for each patient.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, are afraid that a healthcare network of this size, will affect the fees that will be allowed. They believe that the healthcare group will play a stronger hand in this. Others are afraid the overall care will be diminished. The final verdict, being approved or not, will affect the chances of such large mergers taking place in the future.

On a smaller scale, this is not the case.  The use of EHR software allows small community healthcare providers to link with larger health centers. This helps them provide the more advanced care that they themselves are unable to provide. Healthcare units between specialists can be created while each unit remains in their current location. The same can be applied to physicians and other health care providers such as physical therapy, radiology and more, who seek to join forces. Through the use of EHR software, they are able become more efficient while still being able to offer reliable care to the community they serve.

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