EMR is a Lifesaving Tool: How it Can Change Your Medical Practice

Electronic medical records change the dynamics in how you handle your emergency situations. In fact, in only a few minutes, you can have the patient’s medical record before you via computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your answering service can provide you with the necessary information to call up your patient’s records before you even call the patient back. You will be able to instruct the patient with complete confidence in any emergency situation.

How EMR Can Be a Lifesaving Tool:

Imagine this scenario: You’re on call.  It’s two o’clock in the morning and you get a phone call from a patient. You’ve never seen the patient in your office personally. She usually sees one of your associates. However, she’s experiencing chest pain and she wants to know what to do.

That can be a scary situation, even for a professional.  You want to provide her with the best information and advice that you can. The problem is that you lack any information about her.  You don’t know what medications she is taking, you’re not sure when the last time she was seen in the office…and she’s in such an anxious state, she can’t tell you the answers to those questions either.

Many Physicians have found themselves in exactly this situation. They are faced with a dilemma and want to provide the best care possible but without all of the pertinent information, you’re probably left with instructing the patient to go to the emergency room.

Physicians also enjoy being able to access their patients’ medical records when they are not in the office and they are away from home. Finding your patients’ records is simple and easy because you can use any computer, but you can also access them from your smart phone, from a tablet, or other device.

Why Your Patients Deserve EMR:

As a Physician, regardless of what field of medicine you specialize in, you are dedicated to one thing: saving the lives of your patients. You do this in a variety of ways, from helping your patients manage their chronic conditions, to teaching them about their diets in order to improve their health, and intervening in emergency situations. Each and every day, more and more doctors are able to enhance the quality of their patients’ lives and even save their lives because they began working with EMR software companies to implement Electronic Medical Records into their practices.

All over the country, patients are relieved and thankful that physicians will be able to give them the best information possible when there is an emergency situation. EMR raises your practice’s level of professionalism to a new level. That in itself has the power to grow your practice, as more patients are looking for doctors who only work with the latest and greatest technological advances. This is good news for physicians everywhere.

What Types of Practices Benefit Most:

Regardless of your specialty, you will benefit from EMR and being able to access patient records anywhere. Pediatricians are often faced with a variety of emergencies from their patients. From broken legs to allergic reactions.  Pediatricians have patients with specific needs because of their age. Those Pediatric offices who have implemented EMR are at a greater advantage to be able to provide their patients with personalized care and attention in the event of an emergency.

Another type of physician whose patients benefit from EMR is the Cardiologist. Cardiologists often deal with emergencies frequently and the types of emergencies are life or death situations in many cases. Their patients require quick thinking and accurate medical advice to be given when there is a reason to call with an emergency. Cardiology patients can find great relief knowing that doctors have access to all of the pertinent information that’s needed in case of an emergency.

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