EMR Software and Patient Security

When information jumps from paper to electronic records, security risks at are the forefront of users' minds.

Back when we used bank books to track cash withdrawals, someone would have to physically get a hold of your bank book to see your bank records. Today, it's a matter of hacking the bank's system or puzzling out your password.

With electronic medical records (EMRs) becoming ever more prevalent in the medical community, patients and their doctors must ask any prospective EMR provider how these records are being secured. EMR software companies conform to HIPPA and MIPPA guidelines for handling patient records, but how do they manage their back-end data security?

When you choose an EMR provider, look for a company that has been in the medical information industry for decades. These companies persist in the market because they handle their clients' data with the utmost respect and associated security measures. A good clue is when they offer case studies showing how they have successfully worked with clients in the past, so you can check their client referrals yourself to assure yourself they deliver the level of privacy protection you expect.

Anytime your medical office is outsourcing your medical data management, you want to know that you are leaving the information in the safest hands possible. Clinic Service prides itself not only on outstanding customer service when issues arise but putting their customers' needs and experience at the forefront. We've served the medical community successfully for 38 years because we provide intimate, personalized customer care for every client.

When you entrust your information to Clinic Service, it's like you're working with a member of your own team

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