EMR Software Companies Offer A Great Way To Decrease No-Shows

It's one of the most irritating parts of being a Physician, regardless of how busy your practice is.  Your time is important to you and when patients fail to come to appointments, it causes problems for you as well as your staff.  However, with the increased implementation of EMR, many EMR software companies have included a terrific feature that dramatically decreases the amount of no-shows physicians see.

One of the greatest features of EMR is the ability of patients to create their own appointments online.  Patients are busy, and many times they make appointments over the phone without regard to their schedule.  Or, they may make an appointment and forget to write it down.  Even giving patients an appointment card for their next visit to your office can backfire because cards get lost or misplaced and the appointment is forgotten.

The amount of no-shows decreases when the patient is put in charge of his or her own appointments.  Giving them the opportunity to make appointments online puts the control back into the hands of the patient.  They are more likely to make appointments that fit into their schedule and, because they took the initiative to schedule the appointment, they are more likely to remember.

No-shows can be a big hassle for everyone in your practice.  Not to mention, it's difficult to argue with a patient you care about, regarding no-show fees that need to be paid before they will be seen again.  Giving patients control over their appointments will decrease your stress and create a more focused and relaxed atmosphere in your office. 

If you would like more information about the EMR software firms that offer this feature today, or will in the near future, contact us today!

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