Free Practice Management Benchmark Report

How does your practice compare to other medical practices in your specialty? Clinic Service is offering a valuable benchmarking report that you can use to measure what you’re doing exceptionally well, and identify areas that can help you boost profits. This report is no cost to you. Simply answer the questions below to find out.


    On average is your account aging over 35, 45, 60 or 90 days?*

    Percentage of allowable charges you collect on average?*

    Has the percentage of claims that are written off increased?*

    Have your patient encounters increased or decreased over the last 3 months?*

    Has the staff personnel increased or decreased over the last 3 months?*

    Number of patient encounters Annually/Quarterly?*

    Total income Annually/Quarterly (used to estimate dolalrs per patient encounter)?*


    What is your practice specialty (i.e., dermatology, internal medicine, etc.)?*

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