Geographic Variation Dashboard, New Apps Available for Medical Practices

At Clinic Service we are continuously looking for the latest medical practice management and technology updates to help you run your medical practice.  As such, we made it a point to review the CMS, AHRQ, ONC and HHS series of announcements that were released a few weeks ago. Jointly, those announcements revealed updated and new resources that may prove beneficial for healthcare providers ardently looking to improve patient outcomes. With that said, here’s a quick look at some of what you need to know:

Research and Analysis Tools

According to the most recent announcements, healthcare providers will now have access to a bevy of new Medicare related information. For example, the previously launched, interactive Geographic Variation Dashboard has been updated with county specific information. The information takes an in-depth look at chronic conditions, expenditures and utilization. Individual healthcare providers and accountable care organizations should be able to use that information for their research and reporting activities. Speaking of which, the AHRQ has been working on its databases and software too. Those updates may prove useful in ongoing medical practice management efforts as well.

Patient Focused Apps

Pediatricians may also appreciate learning that the results of the ONC-HRSA’s Apps4Tots Health Challenge were revealed. The contest spurred the development of free, obesity fighting programs geared towards families with young children. Apps that pediatricians may find beneficial for referral purposes are Myfamily, TotBytes and SuperMommy’O. Each complimentary program encourages and supports families hoping to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Additional Resources

For additional medical practice management resources, be sure to visit the Clinic Service website frequently. We are continually updating it with all of the latest tools and information healthcare providers need to excel in today’s environment. Do you have a resource that you believe other providers will find beneficial? If so, leave a comment here so we can all learn. Or if you are looking for specific information and have a request, let us know and we’ll try to cover it in an upcoming post.

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