Happy New Year

Congratulations on your successes in 2010. We have weathered multiple threats of Medicare SGR reduction, been dizzied by EMR rhetoric, and endured the politics of health reform. Regardless of these external factors, you continued to provide great care and drive your practice profitably. Well done. Often overlooked in the macro-healthcare debate is that a business, especially a small business, requires a sustainable profit margin. This should not be taken lightly. Cash flow is still the essential fuel to drive your business.

You are the key to ensuring that timely and effective care is provided to your patients and our community. In this time of high-velocity change, we are fully committed to helping you keep your business’ financial house in order. The entire Clinic Service team is dedicated to make certain your billing and revenue collection is best in class so you may stay focused on great medical care.

We are honored to work with devoted, passionate, hard-working people who hold themselves accountable to help others. There is no more noble a cause. It is by serving others that one becomes great, and you are fine examples.


  • We expect the pace of change to pick up in 2011. There will be an increased push to collect data for meaningful use, medical home, and various state and federal initiatives. The Clinic Service team continues to actively research and implement systems to ensure you are capturing the correct data to meet their criteria. Let’s keep talking to be sure we are working together to catch everything.
  • We are excited to announce our C-Suite EMR is meaningful-use ready and meets the “quality,” “performance,” and “efficiency” criteria of many other governing bodies without sacrificing your productivity. The C-Suite provides you an affordable, easy to implement alternative and is consistent with how you work today.
  • That said, we have also built successful integrations with several outside EMR’s and have good confidence we can make virtually all other products work with our billing system. Whatever makes sense for your business, we are ready.
  • Medicare had made changes regarding ordering/referring provider eligibility. The PECOS enrollment system is also the central repository for the data you will need to ensure your Meaningful Use reimbursement eligibility. Therefore, please make sure your information is up to date. For questions or clarification, please contact our Customer Service department.

Here’s to a great 2011.

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