Helping Doctors Do What They Do Best

Think of a Doctor whom you consider great. This person probably has terrific confidence and skills, a compassionate empathetic manner, and most importantly, helps you to get better. This Doctor practices medicine with natural ease. Now surround that Doctor with ambiguous insurance company policies, indifferent customer service, shifting government regulation, ever-changing technologies, confused patients, and the stark reality of having to make a living. It is increasingly difficult for Doctors…to be a Doctors.

Enter Clinic Service. Since 1974, we proudly serve physicians and medical practices looking to maximize their financial return while keeping their focus on their patient needs. Through medical billing, EHR implementation, and physician practice management solutions, we partner with our providers to help them provide great medical care without distraction.

Whether you are a medical provider, an office manager looking for a partnership to help your practice, or a prospective employee to join our team, Clinic Service is a place where hard work, integrity and purposeful contributions make a positive long-lasting impact for the medical community we serve.

We win together.
Helping Doctors Do What They Do Best

Andrew Graham
Clinic Service Corporation

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