To Honor and Serve

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Something amazing happens when I meet with our Doctors. Most often when I am asked to help, it is to discuss matters of financial return, coding unknowns, patient account problems, reimbursement confusion, or some other very important matter relating to the health of the Doctor’s office. Many times the Doctor is confused and frustrated, and I become a sounding board for all that is wrong with the world of medical management.

Physicians are stretched thin with the challenges of managing charts, thinking about patient well-being, working long hours, and running a business. They are genuinely caring individuals who are often left feeling unappreciated for the effort they put in. They are also faced with a business climate that at times seems hostile towards their profession, handicapped by our one-payer system, and often left feeling quite vulnerable to all of the other hands that reach into their practice’s pockets. It is a miracle they can stay focused and dedicated to offering the best medical care possible to their patients.

What is amazing to me is the quality of the character that lies beneath the surface of these hard working professionals. Doctors are a dedicated bunch, bound by oath to serve the greater good. Nearly every day I have the opportunity to work with physicians who are energized by their work. They are excited about a discovery, an article they have written, particularly proud of a patient result, pleased with a business success, or some other piece of good news that makes them proud to be a provider of medical care. It’s moments like these when I remember the honor I have to lead a company to serve these fine people.

When we have the opportunity to relieve the administrative burdens for Doctors, I feel it is a small way I can join them in their mission. As a recovering utopian idealist, I want everyone to get along, be treated right, be properly recognized for solid contributions to the greater good, and at some point, I’d like to buy the world a coke and sing in three part harmony. So if my lot is to help Doctors help others, then I accept willingly, and dedicate my company to ensuring management success in their practices.

This is the first blog post. I will be writing a blog to support our new website, which represents a culmination of three years of hard, turn-around work we have done here at Clinic Service. Over that time, we have significantly improved our medical billing results for our clients, rebuilt a company culture, and are on the brink of launching our C-Suite EMR. We have done much and have miles to go. We are filled with anticipation, anxiousness, and ambition for our own opportunity. We are filled with pride and genuine respect for those we serve. We are optimistic for our future and excited to dive in and help.

Thanks for a first blog read, and we look forward to going down this road with you. I appreciate hearing from you—your comments about what I write, and what you care about and want to learn.

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