How I Love Thee ICD-10, Let me Count The Ways

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is not all candy hearts and roses. Before the holiday of love approaches, let’s brush up on some ICD-10 codes that could send the enamored straight to the doctor’s office. And yes, believe it or not, these codes do exist!ICD-10 Valentine's Day codes


Chocolate coma

So a chocolate coma might not be a real medical condition; however, if you consume an entire box of chocolates in one sitting, you might come down with: “K30, functional dyspepsia.”


Thorny situation

Flowers are always a popular choice on Valentine’s Day, but we recommend tulips over roses. Otherwise, your date might end up with “W60, Contact with plant thorns and spines and sharp leaves.”


Butterfly belly

Those of us that are in a new relationship might feel both nauseous and excited right before the goodnight kiss. There’s actually an ICD-10 code for that: F06.4, “Anxiety disorder due to known physiological condition.”


Cupid’s arrow

If you see the god of desire pull out his handy bow, run don’t walk! You don’t want to end up “W21.89xA, Struck by arrow, initial encounter.” I’d rather be single, wouldn’t you?


Dumped on V-Day?

Although rare, “broken heart syndrome” is a real phenomenon. I51.81, “Reversible left ventricular dysfunction following sudden emotional stress.” But fear not, the symptoms of broken heart syndrome are treatable and the condition usually reverses itself in about a week. You’ll be ready to find another true love by spring break.

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