How 4 Innovative Physicians Grew Medical Practices; Increased Revenue & Personal Happiness

As we celebrate our 40 Year Anniversary, we wanted to do something special for the physicians and their staff we work for every day. Entrepreneurial medicine is changing and our goal is to give you the knowledge, tools and resources to evolve your practice and grow financially strong.  Several months ago, we set out to research and study the characteristics and practices of physicians who have not simply survived, but are thriving in a tumultuous healthcare industry. We talked with several of the most innovative physicians we could find—and we learned a lot.  Not only are they growing financially, they have improved the quality of life for their patients, and their own personal happiness.

The outcome of these conversations is documented in our new e-book5 Ways to Increase Revenue and Improve Patient Satisfaction.As you learn how four innovative physicians applied the rules of entrepreneurship to the world of medicine, you will see a whole new vision of just what an independent practice looks like. The future looks bright—and profitable.

The monumental changes in healthcare have tested the strength of all of us. The “circle of life” is as prominent in private practice as it is on the plains of Africa. The strong survive and become even stronger when tested. Some physicians have chosen the perceived “safe” path and have sold their practices to large healthcare systems for the promise of a steady paycheck. But the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in the clients we serve.

The information in this ebook will help you discover new methods to make money and earn a profit, the basic foundation of any business, so that you can live your dream and continue helping patients. You will learn how to add $80,000-$100,000 in additional revenue for your practice by just implementing one of these ideas. We are excited to share this resource with you and believe it will inspire you as much as it did us.

We deeply appreciate the physicians who shared their knowledge and thank them taking time out of their very hectic schedules to share their insights with us so other physicians can learn and benefit from their experiences.

  • Dr. Floyd Russak
  • Dr. Terry Grossman
  • Dr. James Ehrlich
  • Dr. Arlen Myers

The only way for private medical practices to thrive is to share and learn from each other. Whether you have a solo practice or you practice in a large group, we are all part of the same team. Think of practicing medicine as a team sport. We are not only a coach but your biggest fan. “Helping private practice physicians maximize revenue” Is more than a mission statement for us—it’s our passion. Together we will make sure private practices thrive well into the future.

We will continue interviewing leading physicians and bring you their knowledge through our “Innovations in Private Practice Medicine” series.  If there are specific topics you would like to see us cover in upcoming ebooks or videos, please send us an email and let us know.

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