ICD-10 for the Accident-Prone Olympic Athlete

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Many agree that the Summer Olympic Games are one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. From Michael Phelps to the “Final Five,” it’s easy to get swept up into Olympic fever [ICD-10 Code: R50.9]. Get into the Olympic spirit with us by reading about the ICD-10 codes of the accident-prone Olympic athlete.

“Cupping” is all the rage among American athletes at the Olympics, but the accident-prone athlete’s experience with the ancient Chinese therapy, didn’t go as planned. [L08.9 Low back blister with infection].

Beach volleyball is a fun sport to watch, especially when Kerri Walsh Jennings wins the match with her famous fierce spike. Unfortunately, the accident-prone athlete trips on her layup and ends up with a face (and nose) full of sand. [J34.89 Nasal obstruction]

The “chest-bump” is popular celebratory response for many athletes, but the accident-prone athlete got a little too excited about his teammate’s jumpshot and ended up doing a shoulder-bump instead. [S43. Dislocation and sprain of shoulder joint].

It’s a bad day for the accident-prone shot-putter who had greasy chicken wings and lost their grip. [S92.4 Fracture of great toe]

Making it to the Olympic winners podium is every athlete’s dream, but the accident-prone athlete takes it one step too far… by falling off. [S82.9 Unspecified fracture of lower leg]

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget about the accident-prone spectator. When the women’s U.S. gymnastic team clinched gold, the accident prone spectator stood up and screamed with excitement – dropping their snack, which includes piping hot nacho cheese, on their lap. [T24.219 Burn of second degree of unspecified thigh]

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