How to Maximize ROI Through Your Medical Practice’s Website

Your patients (and potential patients!) are savvy about finding information about your medical practice online. A study by Pew Research Centers, found that found that 80 percent of people look online for health information. Patients are evaluating their care options the way they once would shop for a TV or an automobile, so it’s important to have a strong digital presence to improve your visibility in the marketplace, attract new patients and retaining current patients. Here are a few suggestions on how to maximize your ROI through your practice’s website:

Since the number of mobile-only Internet users exceeds desktop-only users, it’s critical that your practice is mobile-friendly. This means your website will automatically and correctly change dimensions to fit the screen of the device being used to search (laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc). The inability of a site to format correctly to all devices will create a negative experience for the searcher and potentially mean significant lost revenue for the practice.

Fresh Content
Search engines such as Google and Bing like fresh content and tend to reward sites that are updated regularly. The more you post, the more Google will display your pages on search results. Consistent blogging raises the online visibility of your practice, which in turn increases your site traffic. The moment fresh content stops appearing on your site is the moment your online brand begins to lose visibility. In addition, when people go online and see your expert knowledge and ideas on your blog, they will likely come to you when they need medical attention.

Patient Portals
According to a survey by Accenture, by the end of 2019, 64 percent of patients will book appointments digitally. Patient portals provide your patients with an easy and familiar way to book appointments, check on test results, and keep their information current – all of which can save valuable administration time.

After-hours and Urgent Care Information
If you want to have a full-service website, don’t neglect to let your patients know what to do if they need medical attention after hours. If you have extended hours, publish this on your site together with nearby urgent care facilities that you wish to recommend.

Having an effective website will enhance your ROI by bringing new clients to your practice and retaining current clients. At Clinic Service, we provide medical billing efficiency ensure that you receive complete reimbursement. To learn more, contact us.

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