Medical Administrators—Learning and Growth Critical to Survival

The importance of efficient medical billing, changing healthcare regulations and new medical coding rules is something we are always mindful of at Clinic Service. Ongoing learning is core to our business. We pass new information along to our clients so they don’t have to worry about these challenges, however if your practice does its own medical billing, you might be interested in attending an upcoming industry association meeting.

 The Healthcare Billing & Management Association is an      organization that helps those offering medical billing services  remain up to date. One way they do this is through their conferences and educational programs. Their Spring Educational Executive Symposium is April 7th – 9th, 2014. Here are a few of the points that will be covered through the education sessions being offered.

  • ICDE-10
  • Legislative and Government Update
  • Impact on Physician RCM
  • Health Insurance Exchanges and the ACA
  • Trends in IT
  • Cyber Crime (on the eyes of many right now)
  • Value based Compensation
  • Audit Analytics to Understand Risk

Staying current in today’s changing healthcare market is not an option. We take continuous learning very seriously in our organization. Our culture is founded on learning and personal growth. All of our staff participates in a minimum of 40 hours of training annually on a variety of subjects, all relating to how an individual can increase their level of engagement and performance. We believe our market leadership and growth in medical billing is a direct result of this value.

Take every opportunity to learn and grow! 

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