Medical Biller is Happy with Her New Job at Clinic Service

Dominique Pulliam is a happy camper, so she’s not one to complain. You have to really press her to learn that her previous work environment at a home infusion therapy company, “just didn’t feel like a good environment for me.”

The culture at Clinic Service, “Is the opposite,” she said. “This is just much safer mentally. Staff here are very team oriented and the management communicates well. (CEO) Andrew (Graham) and (VP) Michael (Kuehn) have a relaxed style that makes working here fun.”

Dominique was pretty sure she’d like her new employer since she was referred by a good friend who already worked at Clinic Service. “Friends don’t refer friends to bad work places,” she joked.

The single mom appreciates that her new job gives her the flexibility and support she needs to be a good mom and employee.

Dominique has been a medical biller since 2007. While she didn’t know how much she’d like it, she quickly discovered it was a job she enjoyed and was good at. She said having a great job in a challenging field makes her feel good about her work and provides her with the income she needs to support herself and her 10-year-old daughter, Anela.

“My daughter keeps me very busy. She’s in a West African drumming group that’s going on tour Denver Post Top Workplacesoon, and she is also quite good at martial arts,” Dominique said.

Vice President Michael Kuehn said his firm “hit a home run” when they snagged Anela’s mom. “She’s an experienced biller with a thirst to learn and a great attitude. We’re happy to have her on board.”

One way the firm shows Dominique it’s serious about her professional development is by paying for her to complete Certified Professional Coder (CPC) training. “I am very excited about it,” Dominique said. “I have been looking into getting my CPC for awhile, but due to financial constraints haven’t been able to do it.”

Dominique isn’t alone in appreciating her employer. Clinic Service has been named one of Denver’s “Top Work Places” by the Denver Post for four straight years. Only 140 businesses across Denver earned this distinction in 2016.

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