The Medical Billing Industry is in the News…

…and it’s not necessarily good.

I’m sure many of you have seen the story in the local news about the Denver based billing company that has been accused of conducting several unethical business practices. We can’t assume guilt as I realize that there are two sides to every story. It did make me think; however, about how Clinic Service runs our business.  Since day one, core values have guided our daily operating practices. If I was a physician or a practice manager of a medical office, this news story would make me pause and consider the potential of something like this happening to my own practice. The events discussed in the story probably upset us more than they did you (because of the potential ripple effect within our industry) and we feel compelled to share with you the reasons why these types of issues will never happen at Clinic Service:

  1. Clinic Service works with complete transparency – all of the doctors we serve have 100% access into our proprietary billing software. They can review all of their patients’ records, the charges we have submitted on their behalf, and all the payments we’ve received.
  2. Our certified coders and bookkeepers DO NOT make any changes to the codes our doctors submit to us for reimbursement. Physicians have the expertise to examine  and diagnose the patient. It is our responsibility to ensure that they get paid for what they do.
  3. The Doctors we serve have hired us to be more than a medical billing company. As their trusted business advisors, we help them make decisions that will ensure that they are as profitable as possible, within the rules of running an ethical medical practice. Our reputation is created and enhanced by the long-term success of the medical practices we support.

While there is a saying that any publicity is good publicity, we at Clinic Service prefer to only be recognized for the results that we achieve that are far above the industry standard, or for the wonderful community of Physicians we support that serve our community every day. Here’s to hoping that the next news story about medical billing is centered on that.


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