Medical Billing/Coding Has Developed Into a Great Career Path

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Right off the bat, we’ll admit this is a shameless pitch for coders and aspiring coders to consider Clinic Service when looking for their next job. We are always looking for bright minds to join our team!

We loved Job Unlocker’s blog on “7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Medical Billing/Coding Career,” because it says what we’ve been saying: billing/coding has really developed as a great career choice.

  1. “Work in a Profession that is in Demand.” At Clinic Service, our client list is always growing because so many medical practices have figured out that outsourcing this work to proven firms is the preferable solution.
  2. “Take Advantage of a Range of Education and Training Options.” We are proud of the training options we offer our staff. The training is an investment in them, and our firm generally.
  3. “Serve an Important Role in the Health Care Industry.” We allow our clients to do what they do best by removing the burden of ensuring their bills are getting paid.
  4. “Never Stop Learning.” Because there are so many changes going on in the medical billing arena, you always have the chance to learn something new. (We know there’s a “class half full” when to view all the changes, but we didn’t go there because we’re “half-full” folks!)
  5. “Keep a Steady and Predictable Work Schedule.” Our workers love that they work normal business hours. (Their spouses and kids are appreciative too.)
  6. “Be Your Own Boss and Make Your Work Schedule Fit Your Life.” At Clinic Service, you won’t be your own boss (Andrew Graham is “the boss” here), but we embrace alternative schedules to ensure our employees have a good work/life balance.
  7. “A First Step Toward Opportunities.” It’s true – many of our coders go on to other positions in the growing healthcare field.

If you’re a coder and are wanting to work for a Top Workplace in Denver, or you are considering a career in coding, submit an application our Careers page.


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