The Need to Hire Outside Help

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When you first started your own practice, you likely did everything yourself. What you have built is impressive, but as your practices has grown it is clear that is time to seek professional help with the financial aspects of your work.

This is a sign of success, not failure. You have truly gotten too big to rely on in-house staff to collect your bills. Additionally, the medical business has ever-changing regulations that even the savviest doctors or in-house staff struggle to stay on top of. It’s a lot, and it’s complicated.

Contrary to what you might think, the need for outside billing support doesn’t mean it’s time for you to layoff your practice manager or other staff members. These are key staff that understand your practice, and can be put to better use helping assure the practice delivers the best care and patient satisfaction possible.

There are effective in-house billers out there, but they are becoming increasingly rare. The professionals who thrive in this arena tend to work for organizations like Clinic Service since we can offer more professional support and a chance for advancement.

We specialize in collecting accounts payable from insurance companies, the government and patients directly. The work is the core of our business, and has been for over 40 years. This experience has allowed us to laser in on the best strategies and tactics so that we can collect 99.7 percent of receivables. It’s an amazing achievement, and we work hard each day to ensure we maintain this level of performance.

This kind of return gives you the flexibility to manage your practice in a way that ensures you are keeping both your staff and patients happy, and paying yourself too.

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