Neurology Billing

With one in six people suffering from a neurologic condition at some point in their lives, neurologists are one of the most in-demand medical specialities. Common neurologic conditions bring in almost $800 billion dollars each year, a number that will only grow as the massive Baby Boomer generation ages. While the demand for neurologists continues to rise, the number of neurologists is not keeping pace. Recruiting for neurologists has become a necessity. The job stability and competitive pay of neurology versus other specialities makes it an especially attractive option, as well as the ability to specialize in certain areas of the field.

With constantly changing diagnoses and such a variety of possible conditions, neurology billing and coding is an incredibly complex task. While neurologists tend to have more stable patient flow than other physicians, there is still a huge need for good revenue cycle management.

Balancing your duties as a neurologist with managing your billing in-house can sap both the time and energy of busy neurologists. You might find yourself spending more time studying neurology billing codes than seeing patients — and even then, you might be leaving money on the table when you use the wrong codes.

Give yourself more time to do what you do best. Find a biller and coder who knows how to handle the ins and outs of neurology billing. Clinic Service has a ton of experience working with neurologists, so we know how to maximize your revenue and free up your time to focus on your patients.

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