New Tech Tools for Dermatologists Hold Promise

Dermatologists have a variety of new tools to help them be better doctors. Systems with mole detection are just one example. Another tech development that deserves consideration is Dermascopy, since there is general consensus that a dermascope can improve the quality of skin exams.

Given how helpful these tech tools are, you might conclude that the financial tools made available to dermatologists are just as slick and helpful. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Take for example online medical billing solutions. Many dermatologists who have tried these newer “plug and play” billing options have been sorely disappointed.

Despite the sales pitch, a need for real, live, breathing medical billing professionals remains a must. So, often what happens is the dermatology practices invest in these new, more automated billing solutions, only to find they also have to hire, or re-hire, medical billing help to support them as they try to figure out the online billing package they bought. Now they’re out for the online billing company AND the personnel they needed to hire. Adding injury to insult, they are also often out the revenue they lost as they tried to sort out the whole mess!

While having in-house medical billing staff is an option, most dermatologists, and medical specialists generally, have found it best to out-source their billing. This doesn’t mean they go the online route, however. The successful practices outsource to billing shops like Clinic Service where seasoned medical billing pros process their bills quickly and efficiently so that payment arrives in the same fashion.

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