Newly-Promoted Customer Relationship Manager Loves Solving Client Challenges

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Andra Edwards went to work for Clinic Service 25 years ago, and she liked the company so much she bought it. Wait, that’s not Andra’s story, that’s Victor Kiam’s tale of how he ended up buying Remington Shavers.

Despite that, Andra’s story at Clinic Service might be as impressive as Kiam’s. After working for Clinic Service for eight years, she left to try out her dream of owning horses in a more rural part of Colorado. So she bought some horses and moved to 35 acres in Trinidad, Colorado. She paid for her cowgirl dream by working as an independent medical biller handling the needs of her new town’s physicians.

While she loved riding her horses and running her own business, in 2007 Andra was ready to come back home to Clinic Service. “This place has a lot going for it,” Andra says today. “Financial stability, good benefits, leadership that has a true ‘open door’ policy, opportunities for furthering your education and a good core of new and long-time employees.”

Andra has just been given a big promotion, from bookkeeper to customer relationship manager (CRM). In her new role she’ll act as managerial contact for Clinic Service client practices and mentor Clinic Service bookkeepers. “I’m excited to be a CRM, because I’ve worked for doctors in one way or another my whole career. My first job was in a pathology lab,” Andra said. “I like getting knowledgeable about the doctors’ specialties and finding new ways to be helpful to them.”

To help her develop additional leadership skills, Clinic Service is sending her to a leadership training program at the University of Denver, including a two-day wilderness retreat. “It’s the kind of perk you might think you’d only get from much bigger company,” Andra said.

Michael Kuehn, VP for Operations and Sales at Clinic Service, said Andra has more than earned the promotion and educational benefits that have been awarded to her. “We and our clients are lucky to have Andra,” Kuehn said. “She’s got the kind of customer service focus and problem solving creativity needed to help us and our clients get to the next level.”

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