Message from Andrew Graham, CEO

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Clinic Service newsletter!

As changes in the medical industry accelerate, so does the need for communication. Our goal in each newsletter is to bring you timely, relevant information about issues that are important to you.  You will learn about changes in Medicare, ICD-10, and other issues that impact revenue and office procedures. You will learn not just what the changes are, but what they mean to you and your staff. We will also provide you with tips to streamline your medical practice, share top news stories in the medical industry and highlight best practices from medical practices around our community.

The Clinic Service management philosophy is fairly straightforward. First, our goal is to understand our industry at both a macro and micro level, taking action to know about ever changing federal, state, and industry regulation as well as constantly reviewing the front line impact to your revenue stream. Knowing this direction helps us to stay positioned as a valued resource to you.

Secondly, our people must be trained to do the best they can. I am proud that Clinic Service spent more on employee development than in any other year in our history. Our client partners (you) have told us that you expect timely, knowledgeable, and pro-active information about how you are doing and our recommendations for what can be improved. This is a never-ending effort and we are absolutely committed to being the best we can be for you.

Third, people must have the opportunity to succeed. They must be provided the tools and resources to collect as much of your money as possible. We constantly review our workflow, technologies, and management approach to ensure we are working optimally, and the results show in the reliability of your cash flow. Could your cash flow be better? Our answer is that it can always be better. Like you, our work is never done, and you will benefit from everything we learn.

The final piece in the Clinic Service model is a motivated team that takes the extra effort to make your cash flow…flow. Every person on our team is dedicated to perform at a high level every single day. We take very seriously that how we treat each other is just as important as what we do. Holding each other accountable keeps our focus on helping you.

It is an honor to support over 900 Colorado physicians maximize their revenue and collect as much as we can from the payers that make our healthcare system. This year will present new challenges. But as entrepreneurs we live to tackle new opportunities. For both you and us, this is where we are different than others. As small business leaders, we boldly go in the direction our instincts, courage, creativity and optimism take us. We thirst to learn, grow, and share our experiences with others in an effort to help them succeed. We are here to make a difference. 

It is an honor to work together to help your small businesses grow and thrive. Here’s to a great 2013!!!

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