Overall, Docs Disillusioned With Healthcare

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By Michael Kuehn, Vice President of Clinic Service

Doctors appear less satisfied with the healthcare sector as a whole according to the results of Physicians’ Practice’s 2017 Great American Physician Survey.  Since we work with docs and their staffs everyday, we’re not surprised by these results. While we would have predicted these findings, the survey results cause us to recommit ourselves to helping make our clients’ work lives more satisfying by streamlining their billing.  Stethoscope healthcare doctor

The survey includes responses from 826 doctors nationwide regarding their attitudes toward their professional and personal lives.

Most physicians are generally happy with their careers. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree, most physicians like being a physician (4.26) and are happy with their choice of specialty (4.11).

While physicians responded that they are satisfied with their career choice, physicians are unhappy with the present realities and future prospects for healthcare. For the statement “I am happy with the direction healthcare is headed,” physicians responded with an average of 1.75 out of 5, signaling general disagreement. They also were unlikely to recommend the career to a young person (2.78) and many “used to enjoy being a physician much more, but today it’s more stressful and less financially lucrative” (4.14).

The top three factors that physicians listed as their biggest frustrations were:

  1. Too much third-party interference (39%)
  2. Government regulations (14%)
  3. Declining ability to practice independently (13%)

These same factors, physicians believed, were also negatively impacting their patients, with 41% of physicians citing government regulations and third-party interference as the largest barrier to their patients receiving good healthcare.

When it comes to hope for reform, physicians have little faith in the current administration. As of the survey date, 40% of physicians would give the Trump Administration an “F” when it comes to healthcare reform, with only 9% giving the current administration an “A.”

While the current governmental landscape and the healthcare sector as a whole can be hard to navigate, we’re here to help. Need a trusted advisor when it comes to your practice’s revenues? Contact me at 720-248-3444 or mkuehn@clinicservice.com.

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