Patients Want Easier Payment Options and Will Even Switch Practices to Get Them

A new survey from InstaMed, Trends in Healthcare Payments Eighth Annual Report: 2017, indicates it isn’t just the cost of medical bills that has patients upset — it’s the hassle involved in paying for their healthcare. In fact, the situation is so concerning for many patients that they are ready to switch healthcare providers in order to pay their bills digitally.

“A healthcare organization that makes payments easier is attractive to patients, the survey found. Sixty-five percent of patients would consider switching to a new provider if the payment experience would be easier,” trade publication Patient EngagementHIT reported.

The Numbers

A few of the survey’s findings:

  • 71 percent of patients want to pay their healthcare bills in one place;
  • 80 percent of patients said they want to pay their providers via their own secure mobile devices;
  • 65 percent said they would download a new mobile app for bill pay.

So far, many providers haven’t responded to patients’ desire for digital payment systems. According to the survey, fifty-eight percent of providers said paper statements are the primary method for patient collections. Forty-one percent said they have not changed their billing process in more than five years.

Do you offer a web portal where patients can pay their bills? If you are interested in this option, call (303) 755-2900 and ask for Michael. I’d be happy to tell you how we help our providers offer a digital payment solution to their patients.‬

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