Practice Management Spotlight

Dr. Omar Mubarak

Vascular Institute of the Rockies

The lessons Dr. Omar Mubarak learned from his father about buying and managing buildings proved to be very valuable skills he now applies to running a medical practice. “I really think the training I received from my father was amazing, said Dr. Mubarak.  “I just didn’t know it at the time.”

Dr. Mubarak’s father was a thoracic surgeon and a business man before that. He ran a carpet store importing and selling Persian rugs in Denver before he decided to go to college and medical school. Over the years he went on to buy several other buildings and Omar Mubarak helped him run and manage those buildings.

As one of five surgeons at the Vascular Institute of the Rockies (VIR), Omar Mubarak M.D. continues to apply the lessons he learned from his father about entrepreneurship.  In a recent video interview with Andrew Graham, CEO of Clinic Service, Dr. Mubarak shares his insights on how he and his colleagues manage a successful medical practice.

  • Mentoring: One of the strongest aspects of the group is their practice of mentoring. Each physician in the practice has a particular area in which they have a strong specialty however each surgeon does the entire gamut of vascular surgeries. Physicians in the practice often attend surgeries together to teach and mentor each other.
  • Training and Learning: In addition to mentoring, VIR physicians also train residents at St. Joseph and Presbyterian Saint Luke hospitals. This keeps everyone in the practice up to date on the newest technologies and procedures in medicine.
  • Weekly Business Reviews: Dr. Mubarak and Dr. Nowak spend time each week going through every part of the business to see how they can improve and make it stronger. Payroll, billing and employee performance are just a few of the areas they discuss each week.
  • Hiring Practices: A great company culture starts with hiring the right people who share the same team spirit. VIR intentionally hires employees who share the same values.  This ensures everyone is aligned around the same goals and expectations.
  • Team Building: During the past year VIR has focused on team building. The physicians help everyone understand what the goals are, and explain how bonuses are tied to the productivity of the entire company. 

To watch the interview with Omar Mubarak, click here.