What Customers Say About Working with Clinic Service

“Clinic Service is so easy to work with. They take a huge headache away from me by doing our billing. CSC takes care of everything behind the scenes; it gives me piece of mind. They are consistent, reliable, and keep collections current. Collections are almost zero. They deal with all the insurance companies and always stay current about changes, like ICD10 coming up. They know about all that. The lines of communication are always open. Our staff works so well with everyone at CSC.”

Becky Rose, Dr. Shields, M.D.

“We switched from in-house billing to Clinic Services several years ago. The decision was a difficult one, but we definitely made the right choice. Clinic Services improved our profitability by reviewing and improving our insurance contracts, meeting with us regularly to optimize our medical billing and coding procedures, and providing advice. We found the customer service to be unsurpassed. All phone calls are returned and our questions are answered in a thorough and timely manner. The monthly reports are easy to read and provide a quick assessment of the health of the practice, including practice/ staff’s productivity and the company’s account receivables. Switching to Clinic Services was truly one of the best decisions that we've made for our practice.”

Angie Poturalski, M.D.

“Clinic Service rescued me from the false belief that a medical billing (company) or a small time operation can do my practice a special service. I have had the best results with Clinic Service and referred other physicians. There’s no place like home!”

Leonard R. Zemel, MD
Endocrinology & Internal Medicine
Creekside Endocrine Associates

“In 2003, after working for a large, multi-provider medical practice, I made the decision to open my own clinic as a sole practitioner. Four months later we decided to contract with Clinic Service. As I already had been caring for many patients, I needed contracting with 19 medical insurance providers as a participating (rural) physician. CSC helped me through this process and setup the documentation to send and receive electronic medical claims. Together, we negotiated with the insurance plans to get regular claim payment. I was participating as an approved provider with most of the insurances the day I opened my doors, and continued to be approved in the following weeks

I opened my clinic on November 17, 2003 and my income was meeting my expenses by January 2004. I obtained my target income by March of 2004. I have never had more than 45 days average collection lag. Overall, I have been very pleased with Clinic Service and the services they provide. I have recommended them to several of my colleagues who have also opened their own medical practices.”

R. Gregory Doyle, MD – Family Medicine
Appleton Family Medicine, PC
Grand Junction, Colorado

"I am extremely happy with the results from working with Clinic Service Corporation. I would recommend without reservation their services to any physician needing professional billing management"

Mark E. Oswald, CRNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

“When I hired Clinic Service, I was amazed how quickly things got better in my medical practice. My income increased about 10% within the first two months and my headaches decreased 100%. I wish I would have switched to Clinic Service sooner. Maybe I’d have a few less grey hairs and would not have worried as much.”

J. Ginsberg