What Makes a Medical Billing Company an Industry Leader?

In this short video, President and CEO of Clinic Service Andrew Graham discusses why Clinic Service leads the medical billing industry, as well as the importance of metrics and genuine client relationships in driving successful practice outcomes.

Leslie Capin, M.D. | Relationships & Culture are Crucial to Growing Medical Practice

Leslie Capin, M.D., is the founder of Dermatology Associates of Colorado and Medical Director of Cara Mia Medical Day Spa. In this segment, Dr. Capin describes the strategies that have enabled her to build and grow a thriving medical practice—now celebrating more than 25 years in business!

David Conway, M.D., CEO | The Future of Private Practice Medicine

David Conway, M.D., and CEO of Littleton Internal Medicine Associates talks about the evolution of private practice medicine. He discusses new quality measures, what it means to be part of an ACO, and how Care Teams are now responsible for taking care of patients. Dr. Conway also talks about the value of financial reporting and proactive medical billing to improve the financial health your medical practice.

Dr. Omar Mubarak, Vascular Surgeon | Manage Your Medical Practice like an Entrepreneur

Omar Mubarak M.D., is a vascular surgeon at The Vascular Institute of the Rockies. He shares his insights on how he and his colleagues manage a successful medical practice. In this video interview with Andrew Graham, CEO of Clinic Service, Dr. Mubarak discusses five key areas the doctors implement to manage their business like entrepreneurs and leading experts in their field. These areas include mentoring, training and learning, weekly business reviews, hiring practices and team building.

Dr. Stephanie Wright, CEO and Chief Physician | Strategies for Starting and Managing a New Medical Practice

Stephanie Wright, D.O., is the CEO and chief physician of Little Women Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology. In this segment of Best Practices in Medical Practice Management, Clinic Service CEO, Andrew Graham, talks with Dr. Wright about strategies for starting and managing a new medical practice.